KISS (Keep it Sweet and Simple)

Times are tough. Unemployment is high and confidence is low. What can and should local government do?

City leadership can decide to do nothing or to do something.  We recommend that you take a leadership roll in helping to revive your economy. The City can help kickstart a local economic recovery.

A good first step is to develop an Economic Development Strategy. It should be done quickly and at low cost.  Here is our KISS (Keep It Sweet and Simple) method.

Invite the entire community to a three hour session, either on a Saturday morning or a week night. Invite the public, but ensure that your business and civic leaders attend. And it is important that the Mayor and Village Board participate.

Hour One

A general session discussing the current challenges facing the town. Ideas are written on large posters put on the wall. Then a group discussion on possible efforts that could and should be done by:

1. Individuals
2. Small Business
3. Chamber of Commerce
4. Government

Hour Two

Break the large group into smaller groups. Focus and expand on the ideas developed in the first hour. Write these ideas on large posters.

Hour Three

Present all the ideas back to the entire group. Discuss. Vote to prioritize recommendations. Publish the output on a Blog, distribute widely. This is your strategy.


Economic Development Strategy published on a blog on the internet

A List of possible improvements and programs for:

1. Individuals
2. Small Business
3. Chamber of Commerce
4. Government


Implementation of the ideas and programs developed as part of the strategy will be up to the individuals and organizations. Some will be implemented - some not.  The primary benefit of this approach is:

KISS (Keeps it sweet and simple)
Brings the entire community together to brainstorm
All of us are smarter then some of us
Develop creative ways to improve the economy
Inspire business owners to take action


Please contact us if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

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